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May 15, 2015

Hello there and thank you for listening to the New York City Football Club Fan Podcast. I'm your host, Andrés Emilio Soto a season ticket holder who sits in Section 205, so come say hi! This podcast is by fans and for fans. I want you to voice your opinion, give feedback, reveal your predictions about NYCFC and to have fun while doing this. To leave a voice message that will be featured on a future show visit On today's show I speak with Blue Ladies of NYCFC member Emma Leslie! So excited to have a member of the Blue Ladies on and this is the first time a female is on the podcast! We go through a wide range of topics but more importantly we discuss why the Blue Ladies of NYCFC was formed and take questions directed to the Blue Ladies from fans. Enjoy!

Recap Corner

During this call with Emma Leslie, who one of the first members of the Blue Ladies of NYCFC, we discuss the following...

  • What Emma does for a living
  • What leagues and teams she follows
  • Which countries she supports during the Men's and Women's World Cup
  • How did the Blue Ladies of NYCFC supporters group come to be and why
  • What their issues or struggles are with having a female only supporters group

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