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Aug 13, 2015

What's up everybody thank you so much for joining me today in episode S1E50 of the NYCFC Fan Podcast. On today's show Matt Reed and I review the 2-0 loss NYCFC had against the New York Red Bulls and quickly preview the upcoming match against DC United...... Show notes for this episode will be found at s1e50

Here's what you'll hear on today's episode

  • Alongside Matt Reed we discuss the 2-0 NYCFC had against the New York Red Bulls
  • How the second time around visiting Red Bulls Arena was much smoother transition and process
  • Review of formation, starting lineup and substitutions
  • Analysis of both New York Red Bulls goals
  • Pirlo's poor performance
  • Villa's offsides call which was a vital bad call
  • Questionable decisions again by Jason Kreis in regards to substitutions and tactics
  • Shout out to Blue Balls Podcast, Third Rail, Hearts of Oak
  • Leave us a voice message at

Wow episode 50!!!!!  

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