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Aug 28, 2015

On today's episode we finish part two of the game recap where Matt Reed and Dane Forgione finish explaining how NYCFC lost 5-1 against the LA Galaxy. I also blow a casket on air. Show link: andres-emilio-soto-new-york-city-football-club-fan-podcast-nycfc-s1e55

Here's what you'll hear on today's episode

  • We try to explain what happened with NYCFC during this loss.
  • Should NYCFC cut Lampard?
  • MLS needs to stop making matchups based on DP's
  • Should Patrick Mullins get more playing time
  • Velasquez, Grabavoy, Mullins: Same three substitutions NYCFC has been making in it's past few games
  • Shout outs: Sarah Rogers, NoLampard No Problem, Ruben Martinez, @DeGroat, ruben skengload
  • Who the real captain of NYCFC is
  • If you were Jason Kreis, what would you say to NYCFC after the brutal loss
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