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Dec 31, 2015

Welcome to episode 65 of the NYCFC Fan Podcast. I am really excited to have Peat Vazquez on today's episode! Peat and I get to talking about NYCFC, his personal life and battle with health (he's doing better!), talk a little Star Wars and take questions from fans of the podcast. Show link: andres-emilio-soto-new-york-city-football-club-fan-podcast-nycfc-s1e65-peat-vazquez

Here's what you'll hear on today's episode:

  • We all get to learn more about Peat Vazquez and how he became an NYCFC supporter
  • What are Peat's pre-game rituals
  • How the Red Bulls/ Metrostars failed to capture fans within the five boroughs.
  • What his highlight of the season was and where he believes NYCFC will be in 2016.
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