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Feb 22, 2016

s2e1 Welcome to episode one in our second season of the NYCFC Fan Podcast! Today's episode I am joined by Matt Reed (SBI Soccer & Metro Soccer Nation), Jeff Weisinger (NYCFC beat-writer for New York Sports Hub) and Niels Boumans (manages NYCFC Fan Podcast Twitter Account). Show link:

Topics discussed on the podcast episode

  • Political debate of NYCFC's new secondary kit.
  • We run through a list of all new players and discuss what we expect and hope to see from them.
  • We discover some neat facts about Ethan White.
  • What we expect to see in season two from Andrea Pirlo and Frank Lampard.
  • Why does the MLS have a draft and what are the advantages to drafting players from this system?
  • How important are home grown players to teams?
  • NYC FC's positive momentum as they remain undefeated in the preseason.
  • Matt brings up NYCFC position battles, players that need to step up and the biggest concerns that remain
  • What to expect Mix Diskerud and who will compliment David Villa in the attack
  • How will New York City FC adapt during the Copa America, Gold Cup, Olympic and Euro Cup competition stages?
  • Have we seen a difference between Kris, and Vieira?
  • We touch upon Copa America, what to expect from The USMNT and finally take questions from our awesome fan base!

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