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Mar 28, 2016

s2e11-nycfc-fan-podcast In episode 11 I'm excited to interview Neverson Healty III where we learn more about his background, how he became a fan of the New York City FC and why he joined The Third Rail. Show link:    

Topics discussed on the podcast episode

  • Neverson gives details on his background and how he became a fan.
  • What other teams Neverson also follows in our soccer world.
  • Neverson breaks down the song he created and performed at last seasons final match during the half.
  • He answers our five quick fire questions
  • We dig deep about his thoughts on Mix Diskerud and Andrea Pirlo
  • His thoughts on NYCFC from 2015 to this year so far
  • Neverson tells us a story about his player as a Center Back for Third Rail FC
  • Why he is a Third Rail member and why new fans should join the Third Rail
  • Shares his experience with Tony Taylor during his injury

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