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Mar 4, 2016

NYCFC S2E4 Welcome to episode 4 of the NYCFC Fan Podcast. Today's episode I am joined by Matt Reed, Robert Hobson, Jeff Weisinger, and Dane Forgione as we discuss MLS news, NYCFC player signing and preview/ predict our first match of the regular season against the Chicago Fire. Show link:

Topics discussed on the podcast episode

  • We start the show with birthday wishes for myself and announce Matt's newest promotion
  • We review our fan (Roddy Russell Jr.) comment on Facebook about not joining an NYCFC supporters group
  • We break down Grant Wahl's tweet: "Tired of MLS excuses in CCL. If you aren't the best league in your continent, it's hard to say you want to be 1 of the world's best leagues"
  • NYCFC's new players Shannon Gomez and signing of Andre Rawls
  • We discuss NYCFC's first match against the Chicago Fire
  • We end the show with season long predictions

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