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Mar 11, 2016

NYCFC S2E6 "I'm episode 6 and I'm here to say"....okay, enough of my signing. So happy to have Chris P who you know as NYCFCFan on Twitter who also does amazing work for NYCFCNation joining and my great group of guys with Robert Hobson, Joe Scarchilli and Matt Reed. Show link:  

Topics discussed on the podcast episode

  • Right off the bat we tease what the home opener Tifo will be thanks to Alex Schaefer
  • We preview the upcoming match against Toronto FC
  • Will Vieira stick to the same formation?
  • What is Saunders' injury status?
  • How do we stop Giovinco?
  • Will we see Poku play?
  • We end the show with a Fantasy MLS round up and update from our friend over at MLSCheat

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