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Mar 21, 2016

s2e9-nycfc-instagram-fan-podcast Welcome to epsiode 9 of the New York City FC Fan Podcast. Today's episode I interview Janner Alexander Bravo who is a member of The Hooligans NYCFC and we also have an unexpected special guest join the episode. Show link:  

Topics discussed on the podcast episode

  • We learn more about what makes Janner tick and how he became a futbol fan.
  • Did you know he was a professional soccer player?
  • He answers our 5 Quick Fire questions.
  • He explains what happened during the Chicago Fire match between supporters groups
  • Why he feels unofficial supporter groups are better than official
  • We get details about which groups are part of the unofficial supporters club
  • We then discuss his views on The Third Rail, MLS and NYCFC in general
  • We touch upon Copa America and how he feels Venezuela will do in their table.
  • We wrap up the episode with questions from our awesome fans

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