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Apr 26, 2015

Hello there and thank you for listening to the New York City Football Club Fan Podcast. I'm your host, Andrés Emilio Soto, a real estate agent in NYC and a season ticket holder who sits in Section 205, so come say hi! This podcast is by fans and for fans. I want you to voice your opinion, give feedback, reveal your predictions about NYCFC and to have fun while doing this. To leave a voice message that will be featured on this show visit On today's episode I speak with Joe Scarchilli who is the founder of SkyBluesofNY. You can following Joe on twitter @SkyBluesofNY. We'll discuss his week 8 MLS Power Rankings, get to know Joe more personally and learn what his opinion's are on NYCFC so far. Please note this interview was recorded on April 22nd, 2015. We'll have Joe back on shortly to get an update on his week 9 power rankings.


Fan Message Corner

Joe is such a fun guy to talk to and does great work with his blog over at I highly suggest you check him out there and on twitter at @SkyBluesofNY. We talk about what got Joe into following the MLS and NYCFC. Plus his thoughts on Jason Kreis and the issues NYCFC has. We learn that one of his favorite clubs is Aston Villa, AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund. He spent his world cup down in Brazil with the American Outlaws (I'm not jealous at all). It's a fun interview and hope you reach out to Joe. Joe called out his brother Luke Scarchilli to appear on this show. We'll make that happen. What song should be added to the end of each NYCFC home game?


Analysis Corner

Joe breaks down his MLS Power Rankings for week 8 where he lists NYCFC at 15. This episode was recording before NYCFC's game against the Chicago Fire on 4/26/2015 so it'll be interesting to see where he ranks them after the loss.


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