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Aug 2, 2017

Welcome to Episode 136 of the NYCFC Nation Podcast. Not a great performance on Sunday against Toronto FC. Okay, horrible performance on Sunday against Toronto FC. How does New York City FC move on from that awful match? Chris M and Chris P recap the 4-0 loss NYC had while in BMP Stadium. Who do you blame for the loss? We then move into Sunday's Derby match against the New York Red Bulls and what we could expect to see from them.

Twitter questions provided by our Nation fans:

  • Why is Tommy still playing over Lewis?
  • Is it time to finally admit Pirlo is too old and to fully drop him
  • Vieira called out "lack of consistent performance" on Sunday. A) how much of that is on him? B) should he be praised or criticized?
  • Is Khiry Shelton actually injured?
  • Should NYCFC sign a 3rd DP that will fill seats in a stadium or one that will actually want to win a cup?
  • Who is NYCFC targeting since Rodney Wallace is out
  • Is there a walk away price for you as paying customers for a new stadium/PSL?

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